Season Long Herbal Intensive


Spend a Year With Us and Foster a Healthier Relationship with Your World

You will learn about plants

Basic botany is the foundation of any herbal program. Learn about plant families, identifiable features and common constituents that contribute to traditional uses. You will observe seasonal changes and learn to anticipate planting and harvest cycles. Each month we learn about a new plant family, the medicinal qualities associated with plants in that family and identifying characteristics. We will plant and harvest roots, leaves, barks, flowers, seeds and fruits. We will explore both wild and cultivated plants as well as ethical considerations every herbalist must contemplate.

You will learn about yourself

In addition to botanical study, herbalism is founded upon the science of human physiology. Each month we explore a body system in detail and how seasonal and environmental changes may be reflected within ourselves. Learn about how herbs can support us through these seasonal transitions. Develop an intuitive understanding of signs of imbalance and ways to gently correct your course with nourishing teas, foods, and homemade medicines.

You will find your people

Have you felt alone in feeling that something just isn’t right in the way we approach our health and the care of our planet?
You are not alone.
Linda Shanahan is a Registered Nurse with two decades of experience studying, growing and using herbs and over a decade of experience providing care in the hospital setting. She can help provide a balanced approach to understanding safe, practical and effective self care with herbs. She created this program to help promote self sufficiency, a deeper sense of well being, and a stronger community of environmentally conscious people.

You will create a foundation from which to learn more.

This is a program for people with little to no experience with herbal medicine. It is an introductory program with the aim of providing a solid foundation to grow and harvest your own herbs and make your own products. You will gain hands on exposure to plants that many herb schools are not able to offer, providing an excellent foundation for further education.