Organic Herb Farm in Pennsylvania

No matter how you use herbs, we strive to meet your needs

Medicine Makers

Medicine Makers

We are farmers.  We are also herbalists and medicine makers.  We understand what you are looking for. Whether you need one pound or one hundred pounds, we will partner with you to meet your needs.

Craft Brewing

Brewers and  Distillers

We specialize in aromatic, hard to find, and native plants that have a long history of use in beverage creations made for both medicine and pleasure.   We are here to work with you.

culinary herbs

Chefs, Bartenders and Restaurants

Many medicinal herbs are also culinary herbs. From ‘chamomile infused gin and tonic’ to ‘coriander encrusted halibut’, we have been honored by the creations that our herbs have been part of.



Do you want to experiment with making your own salves, tea blends or cough syrups?  Are you wishing that you could buy herbs that are grown in the United States but didn’t know where to go?

We only sell what we grow.

Certified Organic Herb Farm