old Farm Based Herbal Education

Herbs through the Seasons

Workshop Series 2016

Building relationship with our environment, with the plants and with ourselves

Choose to nourish your mind, body and spirit over the coming months while learning skills needed to be more self sufficient and connected to the rhythm of the changing seasons.

Join Linda and Sharon to learn how the oldest form of medicine is relevant to modern life while learning about your own body and its processes.  We will delve into identifying, growing, ethical harvesting and processing of native, wild and cultivated plants while developing an understanding of how our bodies respond to them.  We will introduce human anatomy and physiology of our major body systems and how herbs have traditionally been used to support them.  All of this while learning how to make your own herbal medicines and fostering a deeper relationship with the seasonal changes and the environment around you through monthly herb walks.

Examples of workshop topics from prior years:


Introduction to Herbalism: Sustainable Medicine.  Introduction to botany and plant identification.  Wildcrafting ethics.  Digestive system introduction. Herbal marketplace, packaging, sourcing and educated selection of herbal products. Mint and Mustard family botany.


Herbs for Core Health: Continue discussion of digestive function as well as herbs for support of intestinal, hepatic and pancreatic function.  Fluid metabolism and support for kidneys bladder will be covered as well. Discussion of aromatic and bitter plants.  Aster and Rose family botany. Harvesting and drying herbs.  Making herbal teas and decoctions.


Herbs for Structure and Skin: Herbal use in musculoskeletal conditions such as acute and chronic injuries, athritis and fibromyalgia.  Herbal applications for skin conditions such as dermatitis, acne, eczema, and psoriasis.  Legume and Carrot family botany.  Making herbal oils with fresh and dried materials.  Making compresses and poultices.  Taste: Pungent,  bitter, sweet, salty, sour, umami.


Herbs for Respiratory and Immune Systems: Selecting and using herbs for colds, flu, bronchitis,  coughs, allergies.  Strengthening the respiratory, lymphatic, and immune systems. Botany of fruit: dry and fleshy with a focus on comparative of variations within and between families. Making herbal syrups, herbal honeys, and other herbal foods.


Herbs for everyone: Selecting and using herbs to support various stages of life for men, women, children and elders. Making vinegar extracts, alcohol and glycerin extracts.  Importance of broths and incorporating herbs into them. Knife and kitchen skills.


Managing stress with herbs: Selecting and using herbs for the nervous system.  Supporting energy levels, sleep, managing stress, anxiety and mitigating depression.  Sympathetic and parasympathetic response and impact on health.  Root botany: Stolons, rhizomes, tap and fibrous root systems.  Intro to Plant propagation.  Harvesting roots, making salves.  Preparing for the dark season ahead.


Primary Instructors:

Linda Shanahan, RN, Herb Farmer and Co-Owner of Barefoot Gardens


Sharon Moncrief, Clinical Herbalist, Owner of Greenbrier Herbalist

2016 Schedule to be Determined

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For more info contact: lindas@barefootgardens.net